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Colors and how we can benefit from them...

Colors and their effect on human emotions and health are studied for thousands of years.
Understanding and usage of colors' power is one of the ways for a better and balanced life. We spend our life surrounded by colors and the color of our room, office, curtains and etc. inevitably affects us.
One step further is the software Nature Colors designed to give you the best of colors science in a convenient and easy to use way.


Red enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate and raises blood pressure.It increases vitality, self confidence, energy, power, determination and strength.


Yellow stimulates mental activity, evokes pleasant feelings and creates a sensation of joy and happiness. It increases our ability for understanding and thinking.


Orange invokes feeling of joy, happiness and enthusiasm. It also increases oxygen supply to the brain, stimulating mental activity and creativity.


Green relaxes muscles and thoughts. Creates a feeling of peace, harmony and safety. It is the color that gives the most restful feeling to human eyes and can improve vision.


Blue slows down human metabolism, relaxes thoughts and physical tension. The perfect color for relaxation, solving sleep problems and pacifying nervous system.


Violet increases our inner strength, stimulates creativity and inspiration.


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