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Health and computers

Computers have become part of our lives. People spend more and more of their time sitting in front of a computer for long periods. This inevitably causes different health risks.
The tips bellow will help you to avoid potential health problem caused by computers:

Stretch and make a short walk once every 50-60 minutes. Sitting in a constant position is unnatural. Find time for a short walk. Stretch your back, arms and hands. Doing this only for several minutes can make a huge difference.

Every half an hour provide an eyes' rest for 2 minutes. Look at a distant object - this is a great exercise for your eyes. Walk aside and leave your working place for a while. Closing and opening your eyes often, prevents the eyes from getting dry.

Use the right chair and position. Make sure the chair in which you are spending so much time is high quality. It should be adjustable and comfortable.
(4) - adjustable seat height. The right height is when your forearms are horizontal (1) while using the keyboard and mouse. This will minimize the risk for health problems in your forearms.
(2) - good support of your back, following the natural curve in lower back.
(3) - adjustable seat back
(5) - make sure your feet rest comfortably on the floor. Shorter people often lower the chair so their feet are on the floor, but this can lead that the forearms are no longer correctly placed. It's better to find something to rest your feet on.


Use the right display . If you are still using an old CRT monitor then it is definitely time for a change. Make sure there is no reflection on it and the light is not coming from behind the monitor. Adjust the brightness/contrast to a level which you feel comfortable. Avoid working in an environment where the brightest thing is your screen.

Don't use a notebook computer for a long period. They are just not designed for long operation. If this is unavoidable connect an external keyboard and mouse.

Listen to yourself. If you feel discomfort or tiredness don't push yourself. Take a break, make a walk and give your body time to relax. Human body has surprising capability for self just needs to be left to do so.

You can also take a look at Children's Care software and find out how it can help your children to have a healthy computer experience.

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