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Tips to keep your kids hydrated

Proper hydration is essential for good physical and mental health. Despite this over 50% of the kids today are living in some stage of dehydration. Unlike adults children are much more affected if their body is insufficiently hydrated.

Almost all processes in our bodies depend on water...and it is crucial to have enough of it.
Here are some tips to help your kids and the entire family to have a better, healthier life:

7-8 glasses of water per day. This is the average recommended amount of water per day for both kids and adults.

If you feel thirsty then you are already mildly dehydrated. Drinking is quite similar to breathing. It has to be regularly distributed throughout the day. Do not wait to feel really thirsty, before taking a glass of water.

Filter the table water or use bottled water. Filtration removes impurities from the water and also improves its taste...and tasty water is more attractive to your kids.

Encourage your kids to drink more by offering their favourite drinks. Drinking is a pleasure - don't ruin this. Make sure your kids have the drinks they like, but at the same time avoid soda or other drinks that contain sugar or caffeine, which speed up dehydration. Milk, yogurt or fresh juice is a much better choice. Flavoured water is also much more attractive than pure water.

Offer fruits throughout the day. Fruits are full with water and they are also rich on vitamins and nutrients.

Easy with computers and television. Computers and television can make your kids forget everything around them. Make sure their favorite drinks are nearby. Take a look at Children's Care software and especially the hydration reminder.

Remind your kids to drink ofter. Nothing is better than the personal example you give. Drink water regularly throughout the day and encourage your kids to do the same.


Keeping your kids hydrated is essential for their overall health condition. Do not neglect this.

We encourage you to take a look at Children's Care software for other ideas related to your family health.

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