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Children's Care - General Settings

Automatically start Children's Care at Windows start up
If this feature is enabled Children's Care will start automatically at user's log in. After start up Children's Care will be accessible from the shield icon in your Windows Notification Area.
If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 with enabled User Account Control (UAC) we recommend you to disable Children's Care auto-start for all administrator accounts. Learn more about Children's Care and Windows XP/7 with UAC.
Independent reference date/time (requires Internet connection)

When enabled Children's Care will connect to time servers in Internet and will ignore local PC time. This is useful to prevent your children from bypassing time limits by changing the PC clock.

If as we strongly recommend your children accounts are Limited Users, Windows will prevent changing computer's date/time. Only Windows Administrator can adjust date/time.

The other approach high tech kids can try is to change date/time using computer manufacturer's BIOS Setup. That's why recommend you to protect your BIOS Setup with password.

As final measure you can simply enable Children's Care Independent reference date/time, but please note that this feature requires Internet connection.

Mute all Windows sounds during full screen break/PC lock
If your kids are listening to music, when time for break or PC lock comes the screen and keyboard will be locked, but the music will continue playing.
If you want to disable all sounds during break/PC lock enable this option.
Audio settings / Sound alert when break or PC lock is over
When this feature is selected a sound will be played after a break/lock when the PC can be used again. This is useful to avoid your children from constantly hecking when "computer" time has come (especially during breaks)
Audio settings / Sound alert 2 minutes before break
2 minutes before breaks a reminder with a sand clock will appear to warn your children for the incoming pause. If sound alert also a short sound will be played. This is especially useful during game play.
Audio settings / Sound alert 5 minutes before PC lock
PC lock occurs when time limit for the day is reached or when the computer is used in forbidden period of the day.
Because PC locks block the access to the computer for longer time - until next allowed time range or the next day, the remainder will appear 5 minutes before Children's Care to lock the computer.
If sound alert is enabled a short sound will be played.

General settings