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Children's Care - History

Children's Care can capture the screen with all programs running and create history of your child's activity. This is very useful if the computer is connected to Internet and you want to keep track of the chats, social networks and the web sites your child uses.
This feature will help you to protect your children against online predators or other dangerous online influence.

Capture screen every ... minutes
Set the interval at which screen shots will be taken. Frequent screen shots require more hard disk space. One minute is normally enough to create a detailed trail of computer's activity.
Automatically delete history older than ... days

To avoid using unnecessary hard disk space, Children's Care will automatically delete older data. A history for one or two weeks is enough in most cases. As a parent you have to check regulary, for example once per week, the captured data and make sure the computer is used properly.

Screenshots image quality and file size

Select the right compromise for you between screenshots file size and quality. Because the screenshots are only for parenting purpose quality is not so important.

View history

When selected current history of screen shots will appear.

You can select the day and view all screenshots made during the selected day. You can navigate between screenshots using the arrows, or clicking in the left or right side of the screenshot.

To view the screenshots in their original size press Full screen button in the upper right corner.

Delete history
Delete all captured screenshots for the selected account.