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Children's Care - Restrictions

User restrictions
Prevent children's attempts to bypass Children's Care by disabling particular user actions.

Children's Care have one common password for all accounts. It is used to access configuration settings, unlock the computer during PC lock/break, add additional time, set the software in cinema mode.
By default the password is 123 and it is necessary to change it.

Make sure when you change the password to save all settings by pressing "Apply changes & close"

If your children try to guess the password, please note there are limited attempts to enter the correct password. If several times in a row the entered password is invalid, Children's Care will temporary block the access to all password protected areas to protect your security.

Disable registry editing
Prevent Windows RegEdit to start. Prevent children's attempts to bypass Children's Care using the Windows registry. Despite that Limited User Accounts your children have limited access to registry, Children's Care give you one more level of protection by disabling RegEdit completely.
Disable Windows Task Manager
Disable Task Manager to prevent process Children's Care from closing and bypass the time limits.
Closing Children's Care is not fatal if Keep Children's Care always running (rerun the software if closed) feature is enabled, because the software will restart itself automatically..
Disable "Increase day limit" and "Temporary disable (Cinema mode)" menu

These features can be disabled in your limited account to prevent your children from attempts to bypass the password. You can choose do you want "Increase day limit" and "Temporary disable (Cinema mode)" to be accessible directly from the Limited User account.
Sometimes it is more convenient to increase your children time (for example to finish a homework) without switching to your Administrator account.

For highest security we recommend you to select this feature and disable "Increase day limit" and "Temporary disable (Cinema mode)" menu. In this case you can still increase day limits or set the software in cinema mode in other accounts, but this has to be performed from your administrator account.

Keep Children's Care always running (rerun the software if closed)
Prevent Children's Care from accidental or intentional closing. By default this feature is always enabled.
Available user action during a full screen break / PC lock

Log off

Switch/Lock user

Unlock screen


Enable or Disable the items in the options your children will have access during PC lock/break.
By default all 3 options are enabled, but we recommend you to disable "Unlock screen" menu after the evaluation period. Although "Unlock screen" is password protected, it is better your children to have no access to it and try to guess the password.
Automatic actions
When day limit is reached, Children's Care can automatically shut down the computer or log off the user. If no automatic action is selected the user can manually log off using the menu in the bottom right corner. After log off the computer can be shut down from Window's main log on screen.