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Children's Care - Time limits

"Children follow the examples, not the rules"
That is the idea behind every reminder in Children's Care

Back/chair position correction every
A reminder with animated animal will appear at defined interval giving a personal example about the computer posture.
Hydration reminder every

Proper and regular body hydration is essential for good health. Unfortunatelly surprisingly many people live in constant partial dehydration and simply "forget" to take enough liquid. The hydration reminder displays a cute cartoon animal drinking water and encourage your children to drink more regularly.

Reminder for intensive blinking against dry eyes
Children blink at least half as much as normal when staring at the computer screen. Blinking animal will appear to remind them about the importance of taking a pause and looking away from computer.
Reminder position
Select the corner of the desktop where the reminder will appear.
Disable reminders during full screen game play
When your children play games on full screen, the reminders can not always appear properly. This depends on the game design but it is possible that the reminder will appear with flickering if a full screen game is running.
If you enable this feature the reminders will not appear during full screen game play.

Regular breaks
Taking regular breaks from computer is essential. During the break computer will be locked and by default some of the nature's cartoon backgrounds encouraging different sport activities will be displayed.


PC locks (daily limits)

Two Separate settings are available: for School days (Monday - Friday) and Weekends (Saturday and Sunday).


Interval 1
Interval 2
Interval 3

You may setup up to 3 interval per day, during which your children will have access to the computer. Allowed time is marked in blue in the time-bar below Interval 3.
Limit daily PC operation time up to
A limit of the total time per day the computer can be used. Breaks are not included in this limit - Children's Care counts only the time the PC is unlocked. In case this time limit is exceeded the computer will remain lock till next day or if it is manually unlocked or additional time is granted (See Temporary increase time limit for today and Temporary disable all reminders & time limits menu, accessible after click on shield icon in the notification area)

Time limits