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Children's Care - Visualization

Break and PC lock visualization settings
These settings affect the visualization of the background during PC lock/break.
Single color
When selected the background will be a solid color and no image will be displayed.
Image from Children's Care gallery
Cartoons from Children's Care gallery will be displayed as background. All cartoons are designed to encourage development of proper attitude to sport activities and nature.
Single Image
Select your favorite JPG image as background.
Random image from directory
Select a directory with your favorite JPG images. At every break/PC lock random image will be selected and used as background.
Personalized messages on reminder panel

These options are related to the messages that appears on the reminder panel.

You can create your own messages with a personal touch - using the names of your children, nickname or whatever you like

If you do not want a text message to appear in the reminder's corner uncheck the box.

Please, note that even the messages are disabled the reminder with the animated cartoons will still appear. If you want to disable some of the reminders please check Time limits.