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Children's Care Installation & Configuration Overview

Children's Care is designed to run on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Make sure you are logged in Windows Administrator Account when running the Children's Care installation.

If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 with activated User Account Control(UAC), please note that Children's Care will ask you for administrative access to your computer when started. This is necessary because Children's Care running under Administrator (Parent) Account is used to adjust Children's Care settings for all Limited/Standard User Accounts.
This request is raised only if Children's Care is started under Windows Administrator Account and is required to set up the settings for Limited/Standard User Accounts used by your children.

Please note that Children's Care will run silently under Limited/Standard User Accounts used by your children and will not rise the request you see above.

If this is your first experience with Children's Care please take a look at our Step-by-Step Installation guide.

After installation is completed and Children's Care is started for the fist time, please review the welcome screen and take a look at the short preview of example reminders, breaks and locks your children will experience.

To configure Children's Care chick on the shield icon in your notify area and select Configuration.

Please, note that Children's Care Configuration is not accessible under Limited/Standard User Account. You have to use your Administrator Account to adjust settings of a Limited/Standard User.

For example: In the screenshot below Children's Care is running under Administrator Account A. Opening Configuration brings up a menu to choose which account to configure. In this example A can configure A, Emily and Michael.

Select the Windows account to configure

If you have entered the correct password the category General settings of the selected account will be displayed.

Children's Care settings are grouped in following categories: