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Children's Care - Step by Step Installation

Step 1 - Creating Limited/Standard User Accounts


This step by step guide will lead you throughout an example installation and configuration of Children's Care and will show you the most important things you have to know.

Before installing Children's Care make sure your children have Limited/Standard User accounts. The Limited/Standard User Account is essential to prevent your children from attempts to bypass the time limits and other restrictions. If you are familiar with Limited/Standard User accounts and your children already have one, you can move to the next step - Installing Children's Care.

In this step by step tutorial first we will prepare a home computer shared by two children - Emily and Michael. If you want to configure the computer for one child, follow the steps described for Emily.

The home computer in this example already has one Administrator Account created during the Windows installation. The name of the account is "A" and normally it will not be used. Despite the computer is reserved only for the children - Emily and Michael, the administrator account is still needed for configuration and administrative purposes. It should be protected with password to prevent your children from accessing it.

Let's start...

Under your Windows Administrator Account open Windows Control Panel.
Select User Account
Now we are in the Configuration section of Administrator account A. The Administrator account can create, delete and modify Limited/Standard User accounts.
Select Manage another account.
In this tutorial as you see 3 accounts are available. Please note that ASP.NET Machine Account and Guest account are reserved by Windows. We can ignore them as they do not exist because they have internal Windows purpose.
What we have to do is to click on Create a new account.
Type the name of your child (in this tutorial Emily), make sure Standard/Limited user is selected and press Create Account.
The account is created and visible in the account list.
By default new accounts are created without password. If two or more children share the computer it is recommended to set password for every account. To do so, please click on the account's icon.
So you can Create new password and then go back by clicking on Manage another account.
To create another account just follow the same steps used for the user account Emily. You have to create as many accounts as many are the children using this computer.
For our tutorial we need two accounts Emily and Michael. And here they are:
Now we are ready to install Children's Care under Administrator account A.