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Windows Vista / Windows 7 with User Account Control

If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 with activated User Account Control(UAC), please note that Children's Care will ask you for administrative access to your computer when started. This is necessary because Children's Care running under Administrator (Parent) Account is used to adjust Children's Care settings for all Limited/Standard User Accounts.
This request is raised only if Children's Care is started under Windows Administrator Account and is required to set up the settings for Limited/Standard User Accounts used by your children.

Please note that Children's Care will run silently under Limited/Standard User Accounts used by your children and will not rise the request you see above.

To avoid administrative request to appear every time we recommend you the following configuration:

- Log in as Administrator

- Open Children's Care configuration, select and configure the account of your children. Make sure "Automatically start Children's Care at Windows start up" is selected.

- Finally select and configure the Childnre's Care running in your own Administrator account and uncheck "Automatically start Children's Care at Windows start up" located in General settings menu. This will prevent Children's Care to run automatically when you log in your administrator account and ask you for administrative permissions every time.

- If you need later to review and adjust the settings of your children accounts, log on in your Administrator Account and run Children's Care manually:
Go to Start -> Programs -> Nature Health -> Children's Care -> Children's Care